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Creation of a Project Piloting Structure

A specified and accepted definition of each individual's role is necessary.

The 5S-ToolKit has a detailed proposition for each individual's role and includes groups taking part in the project (Steering Committee, Project Manager, Task Force Group Pilot, Task Force Group Members)

For example, an excerpt of the Steering Committee's role is included below:

  1. Give the Task Force Group a clear vision of the objective
  2. Follow the Group's development and assist in eliminating obstacles
  3. Give the group the resources to achieve the proposed improvement activities
  4. Ensure a weekly follow-up for the action plan with the Project Manager
  5. Ensure the proper operation of the groups (participation indicators)
  6. Show consistency with other company progressive measures
  7. Be an example by attempting to personally apply the stated principles
  8. Put together concepts for generalization

Point 1 :
If the Manager wishes to develop participation and mobilize everyone's skills, the 5S approach is the ideal time for putting together a collecting system for Improvement Ideas.
In fact, during the 5 Phases, technical and organizational problems will emerge or re-emerge and you will have to encourage research and the implementation of simple solutions using operational concepts and methods.
A well-managed system of ideas makes it possible to quickly collect, implement established concepts, track and communicate successful developments.
Such a view makes it possible to reinforce the dynamics for changing habits and promote a state of mind of continuing progress.

Point 2 :
One point that must be followed on a regular basis is to meet with the Task Force Group (once a week would be ideal). This meeting has to be carefully planned and no longer than a half-hour. It will make it possible to evaluate the tough issues and review the progress of the action plan while identifying the priorities for the following week.

  • Evaluate the variations (compare P and D)
  • Verify if the activities have been carried out according to the anticipated result

This essential phase conditions the success of an entire project. Poor preparation will result in difficulties and loss in time and money.

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