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A Thoughtful Preparation

This page gives detailed information concerning the crucial phase for the success of all type of improvement projects: preparation

1 - Plan ( Prepare ) :

Here are some primary points for this phase:

  • Involvement of Management

Management must clearly show its ideas and determination for the success of the project by giving inconditional moral support to the Project Manager or the Members of the Group.
This commitment should also include the possibility of using the physical means (human, technical, financial) that are necessary for all procedures while focusing especially on this issue during the first months.

The 5S approach can be presented as part of a more comprehensive business strategy (increase in market shares, restoration of margins, visibility on the international level, improvement of public image, development of the organization's social and/or environmental roles, etc.).

To be credible, the Management Team and the Manager should have an exemplary role and apply to themselves the principles and tools that will be proposed to their team members.

  • Identifying the Application Sector

The 5S approach concerns all areas of the business (workshops, offices, stores, shared spaces, employee lounges and meeting rooms, outside areas, etc.), but it is necessary to choose a pilot area for bring together all the right conditions for success and to focus on this example of success.

Therefore, it is important to start in an “easy” well-known sector in order to promote all possibilities for an approach that requires a change in habits for the greatest possible number of individuals of each team.

Everybody knows that changing one's habits is not an easy thing!

Initially, for a production site, the identification of a “workshop” area and an “administrative” area will also demonstrate the determination to include the “office” people as well.

  • Identification of Success Indicators

Process indicators, such as the achieved 5S level and its change.

Decrease in waste through the 5S application can be measured with the help of quality indicators, cost and lead times initially chosen for the area.

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