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A Simple and Immediately Operational ToolKit to Succeed in 5S Your Pilot Site

Preliminary remark :

5S-ToolKit is designed mainly for forming small workshop or office teams (5 to 9 persons).
It is also possible to use it to train just one person in a workshop or in an office.

5S-ToolKit is a training-action product.
The objective is to follow the competences obtained through the progress actions, that provide the expected results.

AL-Consulting is a training organism, approved under the number 23-27-01156-27 (France).

All the documents are saved as PDF and Powerpoint files and sent directly to your e-mail address after receiving your order.

These documents are the same (and the most recent version) as the ones that the AL-Consulting consultants use during their missions to implement the 5S to our Clients.

The 5S-ToolKit contains the 5 main elements:

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