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Following the PDCA cycle is the best method for structuring the 5S approach and guaranteeing its success.

PDCA means:

P = PLAN (Prepare)

  • Establishing an objective for improvement
  • Defining the plan of actions
  • Choosing the indicators for success

D = DO (Make, Apply)

  • Implementation of a plan of action defined in the P phase

C = CHECK (Control)

  • Evaluer les écarts (comparer P et D)

A = ACT (Be and Respond)

  • Finding the causes for variations and applying corrective measures
  • Standardizing the best practice to obtain its durability
  • Defining objectives for new improvements

To apply the PDCA course carefully is one of the necessary conditions for success. It prevents the need to stop after the D phase while clarifying the C and A phases that are the very essence of continuous improvement (verify the anticipated results, to correct possible variations, capitalize on what has been learned and continue to improve)

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