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An example of benefits brought by the application of the 5S in the rail industries

Published with the kind authorization of NEU SF and ALSTOM TRANSPORTS

Company :

Manufacture of air conditioning modules
Personnel : 65
Turnover : 11 M€

Action initiated with the Client ALSTOM TRANSPORT, 7 persons in the Work Group

Sectors :

Assembly of an air conditioning module for Train ATER
+ office of the production responsible

Appraisal after 3 months on the process indicators and results

Quantitative :

  Initial After
3 months
Average 5S level 53% 70% + 24%
Average assembly time 45h 38h - 16%
Number of non-conformities 7 2 - 71%
Number of resumptions / unit 8 3 - 63%
Time for each resumption 0,8h 0,4h - 50%

Qualitative :

  • Increase of operators motivation,
  • Realization of improvement proposals,
  • Organization of a workshop with work piece by piece on defined locations,
  • Parts supply in front line,
  • Making new habits to make the most of a plant expansion for capacity expansion.
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