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Systematically applied in the best automotive companies of the world, the 5S are nowadays taking an ever increasing interest in every industry and in any company size.

According to the unanimous opinion of those whom have implemented it, the 3 reasons for 5S’ success are :

  • Improvement of the Corporate Image
  • Immediate improvements in Safety and Quality, Cost and Delivery thanks to a higher efficiency at the workstation
  • Strong and sustained increase of the employees’ motivation and « Continuous Improvement » mindset

Starting a first workshop would allow you to fully appreciate the multiple aspects of the 5S, gathering the first benefits.

This complete section is dedicated to 5S and the way to implement them.

5S’s essential words are: simplicity, accessibility, visible.

Within a short term, you will :

  • Gain a thorough knowledge of the 5S,
  • Be able to decide where to apply them in your company, department or service,
  • Obtain the methodology at the best price (tools, advices, best practices, examples) to succeed in its implementation

If you already know well the 5S, you will find here a short overview (less than 5mn) to see the advantages of our 5S-ToolKit.

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