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First Steps with the Supply Chain:

Success in controlling the Supply Chain is to master the daily control of material and informational workflow in a successive chain of deliver and production.

This implies the ability to consolidate activity levels (Management and Production operations), and manage physical, optimized regular workflow activities without risk (Logistical operations).

Production Management:

Production control consists in anticipating changes in requests for planning, industrial production control and stores while maintaining a higher level of efficiency.

Organizational tasks and planning are included in this perimeter. The anticipated goal is to optimize the use of production capabilities in order to optimize their performance and to limit investments while anticipating particular variables (specifically inventories).

This is a method used for “pacifying” activity jolts and for maintaining a stabilized level for as long as possible while meeting the exact requirements of the client.
This “pacification” effort will subsequently make it possible to manage the proper use of resources (Facilities, Workers, Transportation Means, etc.).


Managing logistics is based on the concept of organizing the operational management of all Physical Work Flow to clients and from their suppliers.

Managing logistics is based on the concept of duplicating an ongoing improvement approach according to the same model used for optimizing Added Value operations. Logistical activity concerns losses in production and its goal is to reduce loss impact. For this purpose, the LEAD TIME indicator makes it possible to measure accomplished progress.

Consequently, with “pacification”, it is possible to work with variability, standardized operative approaches, and ultimately, the frequencies of each logistical activity. The focus of each operation should be on reducing product or information out-flow time without increasing logistical costs.

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