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An Easy and immediately operational Game

to Initiate your Work team to the SMED Methodology

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Preliminary comments:


  • The SMED game is firstly for small team training (4 to 6 persons).
  • The SMED game is a training-action product.
  • The SMED game intends to apply the competences acquired during the game by means of progress actions via a SMED site

AL-Consulting is training organism officially registered under the number N° 23-27-01156-27 (France).

Any document is on data support (PDF and PowerPoint files) directly sent to your email address as soon as your order.

Those documents are similar (and to the most recent update) than those that
AL-Consulting consultants use
during their SMED implementation mission at our Customers.

The SMED game includes the following elements:

  • 1 machine (represented by a support and a cramp adjustable in height, as well as an upright used as a material shop)
  • 2 fixtures (symbolized by cylinders)
  • 2 type of raw materials
  • 1 « hand tool» set (wrenches, six sided spanners, etc.) necessary for series changes
  • Various necessary accessories to implement the various progress actions (machines, tools, raw material shop improvement, ...)
  • The Trainer guide book (paper and CD-ROM)
  • Listing of the fixtures included in the guide book (paper and CD-ROM)
  • All the necessary working documents for the animation l(original papers + CD-ROM)
  • The free subscription to the Lean-Xpress newsletter
  • The access to the exchange forum of AL-Consulting customer knowledge and experience

These elements are detailed in the following pages...




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