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The best, quickest and least expensive way to develop and create sustainable products for the satisfaction of your clients, employees and shareholders and which are respectful of the environment is the goal of LEAN.

To achieve this goal, using all company resources in the best possible manner is required while placing primary importance on the following:

  • Motivation and Knowledge of your associates,
  • Material Resources, such as machinery and facilities,
  • Financial Resources

The proper use of these priorities consists in providing a generating system for progress state-of-mind and tools that will allow for a well-established implementation of this concept.

One area that applies this preferential way of thinking is the systematic research conducted for the Elimination of Waste.

The various Lean tools will allow you to implement this way of thinking, according to your needs, in order achieve this concept and make it a part of your company.

Do you want:

  • To be more effective in your work activities? 5S
  • To create a reliable and efficient facility? TPM
  • To accomplish your goals while using a minimal amount of resources? HOSHIN
  • To apply a push-pull system? KANBAN
  • To change references as quick as possible? SMED

Before saying anything more about Lean Manufacturing, we should mention the Just-in-Time and Just Necessary approaches.

These three designations correspond more or less to the same concepts, principles and tools.

In any case, the desired goal is to enhance an entitie’s ability to compete through its departments, workshops, factories, and specified teams while working on the efficiency of its current operations.

Another keynote: the instructions for this job will make it possible to optimize the definition of the practices concerning future operations, such as return experience and avoiding the possibility of making the same errors.

The first steps of the Lean process could be summarized as follows:

  • Simple Concepts:
    • Focusing on the Client’s satisfaction
  • A concept closely “connected” with a Human organization
    • Small hierarchy
    • Self-directed teams
    • Significant effort for internal communication
  • Practical Tools

Consistency in the development and practical application of simple tools is of primary importance and allows for a gradual development of the Lean concept regarding the reinforcement of a human organization that creates an atmosphere where all individuals and their efforts are recognized and where they can access the operational information required for acquiring greater expertise.

These three "lean priorities" have a retrospective effect on each other.

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