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Applying the Lean to the Plant
Conception and Competitive Buildings

Avoid persistent structural disadvantages for factories and buildings

An observation : once built, many plants and buildings slow the integration of the best practices like the Lean and respecting the environment.
This is a structural handicap for the exploiter. AL Consulting has verified in it's 20 years of establishing the Lean in more than 270 sites on 5 continents

Creating competitive advantages sustainable structural

All is played in the building and plants design.
It is at this stage that AL Consulting helps designers so that the unit, when completed, facilitates the integration of best practices such as Lean and respect of the environment, particularly in terms of energy consumption.
The resulting situation gives high and durable competitive advantages for the exploiter.

With a weak investment at the right time of the conception

Reported to the cost of the project, the services brought by AL Consulting represent a small cost. They intervene the earliest possible, in the critical moment, to bring a great benefit in the same time for the designer and also for the beneficiary.

One of our clients expresses so the results of our collaboration:

« For our project of a new plant, RIETER AUTOMOTIVE would like to dispose of a structured and educational approach to make work a multifunctional and international group on this topic.
We have chosen AL Consulting for it's notoriety and it's knowledge of the Lean.

The proposal was adapted to our expectations and our specificities.

Animated by a senior consultant from AL Consulting, the work of the group has allowed to well define the Lean spirit, the internal and external flows and the global implantation of the surfaces of production, services, technical places. »

Jean Olivier Lescaroux This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And with the AL Consulting method

AL Consulting intervenes at the right time in the conception of your unit. We can see the conception of a plant as the integration of several components:

Plant or Building = Project + Collaborators + Environmental Infrastructures + Flow + Building + Equipments + Energy/network/environment + project management

The methodology that we will practice Together :

  • Define the plant value from a Client point of view
  • Identify the Value flow following the product
  • Focusing on the flows (products and information) and making them « LEAN »
  • Eliminate ALL the wastes and Optimize the use of all its resources
  • An entity (plant, office, store) suple and flexible oriented towards excellence, which accelerates the dynamics of continuous progress.

Your Contact :

Maurice Andriamihaja
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
AL Consulting Group

+33 6 61 81 46 36

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