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The functioning of the system

The IdeasMine system is made of :

  • An Intranet / Extranet module,
  • a document concerning the application methodology,
  • a User Guide,
  • a Moderator Guide.

The Extranet / Intranet module:

This system can be supplied to you as a hosted service. In this case, your company will be able to access it through a link like this :


This space is reserved for you and there are security systems in place to guarantee the confidentiality of your data.

If you prefer, it is also possible to buy the system and install it on your servers (the system is Mysql / PHP compatible). In this case, you will also be able to benefit from installation assistance, together with your IT department.

In both cases, the system will be "customizable" according to the graphics of your company.

This system, very easy to use, can be tested here :


Login : demo

Password: demo

The application methodology :

Fruit of our 20 years experience of installing industrial productivity tools, this document details the essential stages for starting the system. It will allow you to save valuable time and to avoid the pitfalls normally encountered.

The User/Moderator Guides :

couviaThese documents are identical to the ones used by AL Consulting consultants in their counseling and training missions for installing an Improvement Ideas system.

They will allow to explain very well to the ensemble of the personnel what is an Improvement Idea, what are the stakes of the system and why everyone has an interest to participate.

The document meant for the responsibles/administrators highlights the importance of their role for the success of the action, and also the tasks they will have to accomplish in this frame.

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