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HOSHIN to simplify work flows


The key principle for achieving the total client satisfaction and the maximum level of profits is found in the JUST IN TIME approach, which is used to combine the rate of service for the client and the optimum output for product procedures.

Delivery of quantity in productivity:

  • wherever it is necessary
  • when it is necessary
  • while using minimum resources

Based on the analysis of product flexibility, HOSHIN will optimize the level of productivity regardless of the Takt-Time for:

  • improving the layout of the work areas
  • simplifying the production line and eliminating “in progress” situations
  • standardizing operator working cycles
  • providing non-stop work stations
  • ...

These are all components of the HOSHIN implementation.

HOSHIN is a primary step for implementing the CONTINUOUS HOSHIN application.

Click here to see the accomplishments of the HFC training results (Hoshin Continuous Stream).

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