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Implement the LEAN&GREEN SYSTEM easily to all Your Processes
In both Workshops and Offices

Advice and training on Powerful Methods and Tools for the Continuous Improvement of your processes

Get proven results regarding :

  • Customer Satisfaction & sustainability for Shareholders and Employees

  • Improved Safety for your employees

  • Cost reduction and short delivery time

  • Better products & services quality

  • Reliable and available equipments



For proven results on:
  • The security of the personnel
  • The reduction of costs and delays,
  • The satisfaction of the Clients, Shareholders and Personnel
  • The quality of the products
  • The reliability of the installations

You want

      - To achieve

significant results short term

      , while building a durable progress process
          - Develop and perpetuate a state of mind of continuous improvement

with your collaborators

By choosing AL Consulting

        - You will have access to an expertise of 20 years


      of establishment of the Lean in more than 250 sites on the 5 continents
      - The technical and cultural specificites
      of your activity will be integrated within our mission pedagogy
        - Your teams will become rapidlyautonomou


      thanks to our approach that connects intimately

advice training and concrete actions on the field

      (workshops, stores, offices, study offices, administrative services, purchasing, commerce....)
        - The processes of your entity will be improved in their


        (R&D - Industrialization - Production - Supply-Chain - Commercial) in a

coherent system

    comprehensible by all and which motivates to act.
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