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Applying the 5S

You know the 5S.

You wish to implement them durably in one or more sectors of your company.

You know that maintaining the 5S in time is the result of a change in mentalities and habits and that is not a project as easy as it seems.

5S-ToolKit is a concentrate of tools and tips from the experience of the successful 5S practice by AL-Consulting Consultants.

5S-ToolKit will guide you through the application of 4 key processes :
  1. The implication of management
  2. The choice of the pilot site
  3. Exemplary realization of this site
  4. Extension of the approach to other sectors
The tools and practices contained in the 5S-ToolKit, continuously improved, are exactly the same as those used by our consultants with our Clients.

By using these tools in the same way, you will have the same success.

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