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Dear Visitor,

AL-Consulting has been the leading experts in setting up Lean-Manufacturing and its main components for the past 20 years now: Quality, 5S, SMED, Hoshin, Kaizen, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Kanban Pull System, Logistics, Autonomous Teams…

AL-Consulting is a team of senior international consultants, all expert engineers in the method and tools required for continually improving quality and productivity simultaneously.

Here are some figures up to date (end 2015) :

1470 progress workshops have been set up (5S, Hoshin, TPM, Kanban, SMED, Logistics) in  300 factories of our Customers,

  • 14500 people trained in 28 countries all over Europe, Americas and Asia,
  • Satisfaction rate : 97 %,
  • Missions in the car manufacturing industry (65%) as well as in the chemical industry, electronics, agribusiness, the medical sector, furnishings, railways, services,
  • 7 operating languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese),
  • An improvement of 15 to 60 % in the main progress indicators.

We place all our knowledge at the disposition of our companies, whether they be large or small, who want to set up the main tools involved in "Lean" quickly and successfully.

Our comprehensive knowledge of the field, flows, industrial installations, work organizations and work stations (both in workshops and offices) enables us to adapt quickly to your specific requirements and provide a relevant solution.

We can compliment your efforts with our abilities and resources thus enabling your business to conceive and produce « better, faster and cheaper » than its competitors.

Looking forward to the pleasure of working with you and your teams,

Best Regards,

André Langlois

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